The Projects


"Walk the Talk"

"Walk the Talk" is  currently in post-production.

A battle of personal integrity breaks out when Roy (a chronically self destructive juvenile delinquent) is paroled for rehabilitation into the care of his uncle Erik (a highly successful self-help guru) and his perfect family. "Walk the Talk" is an edgy, drama-comedy about a family that implodes. Where traditional family values are challenged in an arena hyper-achievement and self-motivation.

"Walk the Talk" is written and directed by Matthew Allen. Born in San Francisco , Matthew  is a graduate of The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York . He has worked extensively in the theater, TV and film as an actor and director in New York , San Francisco and London . He has resided in Sweden for the past 14 years. In Stockholm he co-founded and served as the artistic director for Scenstudion, a professional training program for actors. He has written and/or directed over 20 plays and several short films. Since 1998 he has trained actors at The National Academy of Acting. In 2001 he began working with Sonet Film as a creative consultant, screenwriter and director.

"Walk the Talk" is be co-produced by the Swedish company, Sonet Film.


"Seraphim Falls"

“Seraphim Falls” is currently in production.

"Seraphim Falls" is a taut psychological action film set in the mythic landscape of the Old West, just after the Civil War. A man named Gideon is trying to escape his past, while another man, Colonel Morsman Carver, is on a mission to kill Gideon, no matter what it takes. Launched by a gunshot and propelled by rage, the relentless pursuit will take both men far from the comforts and codes of civilization, into the bloodiest recesses of their own souls – and neither one of them is likely to survive the journey.

"Seraphim Falls" is directed by David von Ancken, who co-wrote the script.  Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson lead the cast.  John Limotte is Co-Producer, and Doug Bernheim is Music Consultant.

Produced by Icon Productions.


"The Fourth"

"The Fourth" is a riveting thriller/horror film in the vein of such thriller classics as "The Omen", "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Exorcist". Ruth Stryder, a beautiful young doctor, embarks on a desperate search for answers when all of her hospital patients die horribly within minutes of each other. Her harrowing journey leads her to a life-or-death showdown with the Quietus, an ancient and mysterious fringe organization with loose ties to the Catholic church.

"The Fourth" was written by Charles Wachter, who will also direct. Charles studied English at Yale University and subsequently attended NYU's Graduate Film program. While at NYU, Charles won awards for Excellence in Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography and Acting for his thesis short-film "Riverside", which was a finalist at the 2003 Hamptons International Film Festival. Upon graduation, Charles was commissioned by the Showtime Network to write and direct an animated short, "Dreams & Giants", hosted by Alec Baldwin. Charles also directed an animated short film entitled "The Abominable Snowman", based on a story from the best-selling children's books series "Choose Your Own Adventure", which sold over 170 million books in the 1980s.